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Software Developers that Give a Hoot

You might not give a hoot about Hoodie Hoo Day, especially if you are a person who suffers from allergies during the spring. Hoodie Hoo Day is celebrated on February 20 each year by simply walking outside at noon, raising your arms over your head and shouting Hoodie Hoo as loudly as you can. Why? Because the fella who made up the nonsensical holiday said so. Supposedly it shakes you out of the winter blahs and reminds you that spring is on the way. But if you suffer from allergies, that’s the last thing you want to be reminded of.

When you’re working out complex code or developing software for your latest app, you want your thoughts to be sharp and your mind to be clear, so you don’t have to work so hard on fixes later. If you dread the coming spring season because of the fogginess you feel after taking your regular over the counter allergy relief, it’s time to switch to Benadryl.

Doing work that requires attention to every little detail can be challenging when you feel well. When nasal congestion, runny, itchy eyes bother you, it’s even worse. Yet allergy sufferers must put up with these symptoms when spring arrives. But with the powerful medicine in Benadryl, you won’t even notice the change in seasons because you won’t suffer the runny eyes and itchy nose or other symptoms that usually plague you this time of year. And you won’t have to pay full price for Benadryl products when you use a benedryl coupon from Groupon to make your purchase. You can save up to $1 off the purchase of a product from the line. Use the convenient code straight from your smart phone, take a dose and breeze through the rest of your day. The protection and relief you get from Benadryl is so strong, you’ll understand why it’s the preferred brand for relief from a host of allergy related maladies including running nose, itchy watery eyes, and scratchy throat.

Someday there will be an app that lets you zap an area on your forehead and trigger a reaction that stops all allergy symptoms. Until then, you can count on the fast, long lasting relief you get when you take Benadryl.